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World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words

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Lucy (Lucia) HEBERT Richard

November 27, 1916

September 27, 2002


In Loving Memory of my Mom, this project is dedicated.


Mom was a devout Catholic, religious and a wonderful protector of her children. Mom spent the war years bringing into this world and raising three of her five children. I was one of the children born during the war on the very same day that my Dad was in Lafayette undergoing his physical exam in preparation for his service in the U. S. Marine Corps.


Mom spent all of her life dedicated to her family and was paramount in instilling her values into us as children. She was instrumental in teaching us right from wrong, caring for others and loyalty to family. She always gave of herself and would always put her children's needs before her own.


Mom was but a simple country girl who held on to her beliefs of family tradition, family respect and a strong understanding that there was good in each and every person whose path touched her life.


We lost Mom this past September following a short hospital stay. She was admitted for a surgical proceedure to correct an ongoing problem. Two weeks later, the family gathered to remember her passing and to place her in her final resting place in Eunice -- the town where she had spent most of her life.


Mom, you are in our thoughts for all time.


Mom -- We Miss You.


Rest in Peace

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You Have Earned Your Rest




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